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    Pioneer for autonomous driving sensor suites

    Autonomous driving is a revolution that will profoundly change our mobility. This will require new technologies, most of which require a considerable number of sensors and cameras. For these to function reliably, they must be free of debris to function properly. Röchling Automotive is meeting this challenge with a newly developed, intelligent cleaning concept: the Advanced Active Cleaning System (AACS). The system specifically cleans contaminated areas of the vehicle sensory array. The AACS ensures obstruction free conditions from road debris on the sensors to enable safe and comfortable operation of autonomous vehicles. Thanks to its modular design, the Roechling system gives manufacturers freedom to scale cleaning capability with sensor utilization - for a seamless transition from today to fully autonomous driving.

    The most important highlights

    The AACS is a complete solution that stores, monitors, doses and, if required, automatically distributes cleaning fluid to several outlets simultaneously or independently.

    Your customer benefit through our Advanced Active Cleaning Systems

    Full freedom of design

    Intelligent fluid management

    Compatible with fully autonomous drive

    Designed for use in extremely cold environments

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