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The periphery of the engines makes a major contribution to reducing emissions and increasing efficiency. Air intake systems, water circuits and exhaust aftertreatment with the aid of SCR tank systems: Innovations from Röchling Automotive solve today's problems for tomorrow's future. Our team supports customers in all forms of propulsion, from classic combustion engines and hybrid drives to hydrogen and electric drives.

Fluid Solutions

Röchling Automotive is not only an acknowledged system supplier in the area of SCR Tank Systems (Tanks and Filling Systems), but also in the field of cooling systems known for efficient degas bottles and cooling water pipes made of plastic, which cool sustainable and reduce weight.

Röchling Automotive is a competent contact for the automotive industry in the area of air intake for climate control of the vehicle interior as well as its distribution via air channels and nozzles. This applies to both air water separation as well as all-encompassing acoustic measures to reduce the noise level in the air distribution system and increase driving comfort.



Engine & Propulsion Solutions

Expertise and experience are audible with the plastic components of an air induction system from Röchling Automotive. This begins with the unfiltered air section, the air filter, the filtered air pipe, and the charge-air tube.

Many parameters are taken into account during system design and with the individual components of an engine air induction system:

  • Reduced pressure losses for more performance
  • Customized sound
  • Estimated and measured service life
  • Consideration of regional climate conditions
  • Reduction of entering of snow and moisture spray