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  • Engineering Center Laives

    The Laives, Italy development site is focused on air flow management and thermal management.

    This includes engine air intake, interior air intake and engine cooling compartments. To understand and improve the function of a system, state of the art simulation software is being used. This includes;

    • Flow calculation
    • Water separation
    • Degassing
    • 3D acoustics
    • Engine simulation and intake acoustics

    Various established automotive standards are used for simulation, for example GT Power, Ansys CFX or MSC Nastran.

    During the validation phase every component is rigorously tested. A wide spectrum of parameters can be set on inhouse test benches. Many years of experience in the interpretation of simulation and test results, as well as the dedication of the engineering teams allow products to be brought to market quickly.

    Röchling Automotive S.r.l.
    Via Nobel, 11
    39055 Leifers/Laives